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Hurricane Roofer was created to meet the needs of commercial and residential property owners. In addition to day-to-day contracting, we are constantly striving to build stronger and better roofing systems that provides best in class value. We strongly encourage our clients to maximize their investments by properly maintaining the roofing system throughout its lifespan. Our basic roofing installation includes a “FREE” annual inspection – unheard of in the industry.

For Veterans

By Veterans

Hurricane Roofer is 100% Veteran owned. As a company we take this very seriously. Hurricane Roofer strives to put our current and former service members first, just as they have put our country first with their service. We know that the process can be hard when it comes to insurance claims. As a company we assist with claim filling assistance, all the way to helping recover all funds from the insurance carrier after the work has been completed. Put your faith in Hurricane Roofer, just as we all have put our faith in our service members.

Hurricane Roofer

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There when the wind stops blowing

Rapid Response Services

Hurricane Roofer is always prepared to mobilize, relocate, and service all parts of Florida during severe weather events. All of our managers have provided emergency services during multiple hurricanes, hail storms, and severe wind storms. Our understanding of insurance restoration is second to none. Hurricane Roofer has taken the combined knowledge of all our employees through these terrible weather events to bring you the absolute best service in the industry.

You can be one of the prepared and already have an arrangement with Hurricane Roofer for our rapid response services before the storm ever hits.

Residential and Commercial inspection services

Residential and Commercial inspection services

Hurricane Roofer is here to help you maintain the condition of your property. Our highly trained roofing inspectors have earned elite industry rankings for their knowledge and skill. We take pride in doing what we can to help residential and commercial property owners prevent costly roofing issues.

As part of our maintenance plan, we’ll provide an annual roof inspection where we’ll check up on your property and identify any potential areas of concern. We strive to catch small problems before they become budget breaking expenses. 

Regardless of what your roof inspection uncovers, we have the experience and expertise to provide a quick and cost effective solution.


Hurricane Roofer is a veteran owned and operated company specializing in providing new roofs to homeowners who have suffered storm damage. Our company culture is based around not just doing well by providing insurance restoration services, but to also do good in the community by providing jobs. As a DOD preferred hiring organization we have a focus on providing jobs to veterans and those who have generously given to our community. In fact over a third of our workforce is composed of veterans, former firefighters, EMTs, and other community heroes.

Reach out to us so that we can help you get a new roof at a limited cost


Combined over 30+ years of experience we are always staying up to date in this changing industry.


We carry every certification in the book when it comes to insurance restoration.


No matter what your inspection reveals, we will be the first to tell you the truth about your property.

Hurricane Roofer

If you have any questions feel free to ask