About Hurricane Roofer

Who Are We?

The Best Roofer in Orlando

At Hurricane Roofer, we are more than just a roofing company; we are a team committed to providing safety, reliability, and unparalleled service to commercial and residential property owners across Florida. 

Our journey began with a vision to not only construct superior roofing systems but also to foster a legacy of value, quality, and innovation in the industry. 

Our commitment goes beyond installation; we believe in nurturing your roof’s longevity with our complimentary annual inspections — a testament to our dedication to your investment’s enduring performance.

For Veterans,
By Veterans

Proudly 100% Veteran-owned, Hurricane Roofer operates with a profound respect for our service members. 

We embody the discipline and integrity of the military in all our operations. 

Our expertise extends beyond roofing; we guide our fellow veterans through the intricate insurance claim process, ensuring they receive the full support and compensation they deserve. 

Trust in us is trust in a community that honors service and commitment.

There When the Wind Stops Blowing

Our Rapid Response Services are at the forefront of emergency relief. 

With seasoned expertise in navigating Florida’s fiercest storms, our team is always ready to mobilize. 

We’ve honed our skills through countless hurricanes and severe weather events, ensuring that when you need us most, we’re there with unmatched service and understanding of insurance restoration. 

Partner with us, and be prepared long before the storm arrives.

our Services

Residential and Commercial
Inspection Services

Our elite team of HAAG-certified inspectors is dedicated to the health of your roof. We specialize in preemptive strategies, aiming to identify and resolve issues before they escalate. Our annual inspections are more than just check-ups; they’re comprehensive evaluations designed to protect and prolong the life of your roof, saving you time and resources in the long run.

Our Flagship Drone

Our flagship drone used for all inspections is the Matrice 300 RTK equipped with the Zenmuse H20T lens for only the highest military grade quality imaging of your property. 

The lens is equipped with not only super high resolution, but it also has built in thermal imaging to detect hidden damage anywhere on your roof.

Our Mission

As a Veteran-owned and operated entity, we don’t just provide roofing solutions; we build a community. Our mission extends beyond the roof to offering opportunities and support to those who’ve served. With a significant portion of our team comprised of veterans and community heroes, we’re committed to giving back, providing employment, and uplifting the community we serve.

Experience, Expertise, Honesty

With over 30 years of combined experience, we are constantly evolving to meet the challenges of the industry. Our certifications and skills in insurance restoration are unparalleled, but it’s our commitment to honesty and transparency that truly sets us apart. We’re here to give you the unvarnished truth about your roofing needs and the most efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Veteran-Owned Integrity

Our foundation is built on the values of those who’ve served. We navigate the often-complex insurance claim process with the same honor and dedication expected of our nation’s finest. Your trust in us is reciprocated with our unwavering commitment to your needs and the broader service community.

We invite you to experience the difference with Hurricane Roofer.

Let’s ensure your property is protected, your investment maximized, and your trust in us well-placed. Contact us today for your comprehensive roof evaluation and join the many who’ve found peace of mind under the roofs we proudly service.

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