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1000’s of Floridians are being dropped by their insurance.
Know the age, condition and coverage of your roof TODAY!

Don’t let your insurance company tell you that your roof was already damaged!

Get a FREE drone inspection of your roof with Hurricane Roofer.

This lets you know its condition before any damage happens. This way, if you need to file an insurance claim later, you’ll have evidence that the damage wasn’t there before.

If you’re unsure about your roof’s condition and it gets damaged, your insurance might not cover all the costs or might deny your claim. They could even drop your coverage! We help make sure that doesn’t happen to you.


Why use a Drone?

There are many reasons why getting a drone inspection is superior to traditional human inspection. Safety, accuracy, efficiency, cost and convenience are just a few. Our high quality camera captures and documents every square inch of your roof with absolute accuracy in record time for no cost to you. We maintain the in-depth data collected in the event future damage ever occurs.

Our Inspections Are...

Protection For The Future

Your free inspection will identify any current issues and we will maintain a record of the inspection to later serve as a baseline in the event of future property damage.

Highest Quality Inspections

We have the highest standards in the industry when it comes to documenting and securing your property data. Our military grade inspection drone ensures absolute accuracy for your records.

Contactless and Safe

Using our high end technology is not only safer because it’s contactless, but it’s faster, more accurate, and much safer than sending a person up on the roof to do the inspection.

Our Flagship Drone

Our flagship drone used for all inspections is the Matrice 300 RTK equipped with the Zenmuse H20T lens for only the highest military grade quality imaging of your property. The lens is equipped with not only super high resolution, but it also has built in thermal imaging to detect hidden damage anywhere on your roof. 


Protect your assets with a documented inspection!

Residential. Commercial. Industrial.

No matter what your needs are, whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial property, we are equipped with our military grade Matrice 300 RTK drone with the Zenmuse H20T lens. If it’s up there, we’ll document it and protect your property.


Serving Greater Orlando and Surrounding Areas!

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