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Restoring Peace of Mind to Central Florida Homes — Your Shield Against the Storm

30+ Years of Expertise • Veteran-Owned • Dedicated to Restoring Your Home

When the storm calms, the real work begins.

With over three decades of specialized roof restoration experience, Hurricane Roofer stands as Central Florida’s beacon of hope and repair in the aftermath. We bring a legacy of strength, precision, and integrity to each shingle we mend. As a Veteran-owned business, we don’t just repair roofs; we restore homes.

Why Choose Hurricane Roofer
for Emergency Services?

Rapid Response Commitment

Wherever the storm hits, we’re there with an unmatched readiness to mobilize and mend.

Decades of Experience

With over 30 years dedicated to safeguarding homes in Central Florida, we’re the seasoned experts you need when disaster strikes.


Integrity, resilience, dedication — principles we served with, now channeled into protecting your home.

Unparalleled Insurance Restoration

We excel in navigating the intricate path of insurance restoration, turning complexity into coverage.

Secure Your Sanctuary After the Storm

Schedule your FREE Drone Inspection and Damage Report ensure your home remains protected after the storm.

Our Emergency Services

Roof Repair

Quick, effective repairs to address damage and reinforce your roof against future elements.

Roof Replacement

When repairs aren’t enough, we provide comprehensive, durable roof replacements.

Roof Tarping

Immediate action to preserve your home and prevent further damage with professional tarping.

Shrink Wrapping

A superior, durable solution for securing your property, offering longer-lasting protection than traditional methods.

Water Mitigation

Employing scientific methods to dry out your property, safeguarding against mold and structural damage.

Hear From Our Resilient Customers:

"Post-Hurricane Ian, Hurricane Roofer was our beacon of hope. Their swift, quality service was more than just a repair; it was a lifeline."

"In the chaos post-storm, finding a reliable contractor seemed daunting until we met Greg and his team. Their seamless service made all the difference."

"After the hurricane, we felt besieged. Hurricane Roofer didn’t just rebuild our roof; they restored our peace of mind."

Protect Your Home with Hurricane Roofer. Trust in Our 30 Years of Expertise

Act now and book your free roof inspection. Fill out our quick form and take the first step in ensuring your home remains a safe haven after the storm.

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